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General information

Faculty of Chemistry offers a range of undergraduate and graduate student programmes, coupled with research that spans all major disciplines of chemistry as well as emerging interdisciplinary fields

Quick facts:

  • Teaching and research work is organized at the Faculty within nine chairs and four departments.
  • Currently, 89 academic teachers work at the Faculty, among them the number of the senior academic staff (full professors, associate professors, doctores habilitati and active emeriti professors) amounts to 56. The Faculty awards BSc, MSc, PhD and Doctor habilitatus degrees.  Five main courses of study offered by the Faculty include: chemistry, cosmetic chemistry, chemistry and food technology, medical chemistry and modern technology materials. The Faculty also offers four postgraduate courses of study.
  • The total number of students at BSc, MSc and PhD levels amounts to 500 on average every year.
  • Modern instrumentation to support research efforts in all major disciplines of chemistry as well as in chemistry-related interdisciplinary areas is available at the Faculty.